Prevents SlouchingPromotes Great PostureBetter Than Uncomfortable Posture Correction BracesImproves Your ConfidenceCompatible With All Chairs Posture PT provides a unique convex design that draws the user's shoulder blades back, pulls the head to neutral cervical posit...

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Prevents Slouching
Promotes Great Posture
Better Than Uncomfortable Posture Correction Braces
Improves Your Confidence
Compatible With All Chairs
Posture PT provides a unique convex design that draws the user's shoulder blades back, pulls the head to neutral cervical position, maintains proper lordosis with the reverse wedge design, and creates thoracic extension.

Posture PT offers a synergistic solution when treating:

  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Cervical disc injuries
  • Bicipital tendonitis/ Shoulder Impingement syndrome
  • Chronic tension headaches
  • Chronic pain in neck or upper back

Lumbar Spine Improvement

Cervical Spine Improvement

Dr. Joseph Ethen

D.C. Owner Ethen Chiropractic

If you are interested in learning more about carrying Posture PT for you patients, please contact for case studies and wholesale opportunities.

Dr. Michael McCahill

D.C. Owner McCahill Chiropractic & Sports Injury Rehab

“ I found Posture PT VERY useful for office chairs, and slightly uncomfortable on relaxing chairs. Then I tried it in my car. Again, to my surprise, it actually "forced me" to sit up straight. I started asking my patients to try it out, and now I have people asking me when I am getting some in so they can buy from me. I am very pleased with the Posture PT and have recommended it to many of my patients."

Dr. Scott Kenny

D.C. CSCS, Owner Integrated Physical Medicine

“I first used Posture PT in the prototype stages and was surprised to find how effective it was. Chronic poor posture is a main cause of back pain, shoulder tension, sitting fatigue, and tension type headaches. Posture PT corrects posture better than other products I have used. I now have one on every chair in the waiting room and recommend it to all of my patients.”

Dr. Monif Matouk

DPM, WCS Owner True Care Foot and Ankle Clinic

“There are literally hundreds of back supports but very few have credible evidence behind them. My team put Posture PT to the test and x-rayed users before and after Posture PT use. The results showed immediate improvement in hip position, lumber spine alignment, and cervical spine position. I now use and sell Posture PT to my patients”

Dr. Severko Hrywnak

MD, DPM, Owner VIP Surgery Chicago, Chairman of Premier Basketball League, Professor at Roslin Franklin Medical School

“Proper alignment is the key to keeping joints and muscles healthy. Posture PT improves posture through increased muscle memory and creating awareness of what proper posture feels like. I use and highly recommend this product to anyone needing to improve posture and back pain sufferers.”

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