PosturePT: Posture Personal Trainer

Keeping an upright posture is hard. You know it’s important to maintain good posture: for your health, for your confidence, and for living a pain-free life.

But good posture is hard to maintain – and you have a life to live. It’s hard remembering to keep good posture in your daily life.

You can get reminders to sit up straight, but two minutes later you’re slumped back in your chair, focusing on something else.

And you might have tried “posture correctors” that you found on Amazon. They worked well... at strapping you into your chair.

What if maintaining posture was as easy as sitting down? What if you didn’t have to think so hard about good posture?

Enter the Posture PT. Developed by a Corrective Exercise Specialist who has ten years of experience with over 1,000 clients, the Posture PT is a revolutionary new device that corrects posture without false promises or complicated treatments.

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