Better Posture For Golfers

Keeping an upright posture is hard. You know it’s important to maintain good posture: for your health, for your confidence, and for living a pain-free life.

Meanwhile, you’re scared of injury – and you’ve tried everything. But numerous doctors agree: alignment and spinal bracing is the key to athletic performance and injury prevention.

Whether you are trying to keep your your golf game up to par or your fitness at its peak, proper posture will keep your body aligned and performing pain-free. What if you were able to perform better at your game – without adding more commitments to your routine?

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Golfers love Posture PT because it helps them create a better swing.

Caddies love Posture PT because it helps them carry huge loads on the course.

Try one today – and learn what better posture can do for your game!

“Since becoming a Professional Caddy on the tour, carrying heavy clubs took a toll. Luckily, Posture PT helped me improve my posture and I felt much better. The players have taken notice – and are experiencing better posture on and off the golf course!”Bill Whitener, Professional Caddy Tour.
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