What Are Doctors Saying About The Posture PT's Ability To Fix Poor Pos

So I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist and I have helped thousands of people recover from injuries.  (Mostly injuries resulting from years of damage caused by poor posture.)

But I am not a Doctor... I can't prescribe medicine or perform surgery. (Thanks God for that because I think I would faint if I had to operate on you!)

So when I created the Posture PT I was a bit nervous to even mention it around a doctor.

I figured they would look down on me... like "Your making a posture support? Where did you get your MD?"  

And I obviously don't have an MD... but one day I got the courage to tell my friend Dr. Scott Kenny about the Posture PT.  Scott owns and operates a Chiropractic Practice near Chicago.


Dr. Scott Kenny, Integrated Physical Medicine
Dr. Scott Kenny, Owner Integrated Physical Medicine

I was pretty nervous when I walked into his office with my Posture PT prototype. 

Especially when Dr Kenny decided to bust out the x-ray machine and put the Posture PT to the test.

But I shouldn't of been scared... Dr. Kenny saw a noticeable improvement in the alignment of the Cervical and Lumbar spine.

Cervical Spine Improvement:

Cervical Spine Improvement
(See how your Neck stands tall rather than slouching in front of you?)

Lumbar Spine Improvement:

(See how the upper back curves naturally on the picture to the right... thats a good thing)

Here is what Dr Kenny said about the results above "My team put Posture PT to the test and x-rayed users before and after Posture PT use.  The results showed immediate improvement in the hip position, lumbar spine alignment, and cervical spine position.  I now use and sell the Posture PT to my patients."

After that meeting... I WAS PUMPED! I couldn't believe I had validation of my concept from a real Doctor! 

The next doctor I met liked Posture PT so much that he bought them for his entire waiting room!

“I first used the Posture PT in the prototype stages and was surprised to find how effective it was. Chronic poor posture is a main cause of back pain, shoulder tension, sitting fatigue, and tension type headaches. Posture PT corrects posture better than other products I have used. I now have one on every chair in the waiting room and recommend it to all of my patients.” Dr. Michael McCahill

Dr. Michael McCahill, Owner McCahill Chiropractic & Sports Injury Rehab
(Dr. Michael McCahill DC, Owner McCahill Chiropractic & Sports Injury Rehab)

Then I went to another Chiropractor in Chicago named Dr. Joseph Ethen and got a similar response.  

Dr. Ethen said "I found the Posture PT VERY useful for office chairs, and slightly uncomfortable on relaxing chairs. Then I tried it in my car. Again, to my surprise, it actually "forced me" to sit up straight. I started asking my patients to try it out, and now I have people asking me when I am getting some in so they can buy from me. I am very pleased with the Posture PT and have recommended it to many of my patients."

dr joseph ethen
(Dr. Joseph Ethen, Owner Ethen Chiropractic

Since these visits... I have seen hundreds of doctors and the results have been fantastic.  

I am even in the beginning stages of applying for the Posture PT to be approved as a medical device.  Still a lot of red tape to jump through... but early signs have been promising.

Brendan Ridings
Corrective Exercise Specialist &
Inventor Of The Posture PT

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