"Yeah Right... The Posture PT Won't Fix My Back In 30 Minutes"

We get a lot of haters saying “Yeah right… the Posture PT won’t fix my back in 30 minutes.” 

So I wanted to clarify the whole 30 minute thing...

The Posture PT Will Not Cure Your Back Pain In 30 Minutes

Yeah I said it… the Posture PT is not some magical device that will fix years of damage caused by poor posture in 30 minutes.  

Instead… the Posture PT gives you support so you can prevent damage and build your core muscles.  

Preventing Damage:

If you have read some of my other posts… you know that Sitting Up Straight Is Hard, but its also important! When you slouch over... you are putting pressure on your spine which causes damage over time. The Posture PT gives you the support you need to stop slouching...halting future damage in its tracks.  

bad posture
(see how his back is hunched over… obviously not a long term Posture PT user)

Building Strength:

The Posture PT won’t strap you in like a Posture Brace would.  Instead… the Posture PT gives you support while allowing your muscles to move naturally.  Which is important because you need your muscles moving freely to gain strength.  

So your posture transformation won't happen overnight, but after 14 days of using thePosture PT... you will feel a noticeable difference in your ability to sit up straight.  You will also just find it easier to stand tall! 

You Will Get Sore:

Just like a bodybuilder would get sore after a workout… your back will get sore when you start working out your muscles by sitting up straight with thePosture PT.  That soreness is a good thing (although it doesn’t feel that way). The soreness will go away as your body repairs your muscles and your muscles will grow back stronger.  

So we recommend that you use the Posture PT 30 minutes a day to minimize your soreness in the beginning.  But as you get stronger you will be able to use the Posture PT for longer periods.  Eventually you will find yourself not needing the support from the Posture PT as much.  And you will also notice it will become easier to stand without slouching.  

Good Posture

(These guys have great posture! I don't have any proof but they look like they each own a Posture PT)

Thanks for reading... shoot me an email at Brendan@ConfidentPosture.com if you have any questions.... always happy to talk about Posture :) 

Brendan Ridings
Corrective Exercise Specialist &
Inventor Of The Posture PT

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