If You Wear That Posture Brace Too Long... You Won't Be Able to Take I

Posture Braces Weaken Muscles

If your back is hurting… you might be thinking about getting a posture brace.

Its true that fixing your posture can cure your back pain, but trust me... a posture brace isn’t what you are looking for.

A posture brace does allow you to keep perfect posture effortlessly.  Which is great in theory...

The only problem is the effortless part… a Posture Brace makes perfect posture so effortless that you end up weakening your muscles if you wear one too long.

According to Christina Lasich, MD & Health Pro “If you wear a lumbar support too much, you’ll weaken these muscles. Your body will become dependent on the use of the back brace to the point that your muscles will get lazy. Once that happens, your pain will get worse when you remove the back brace.”

Dr. Lasich is basically saying… if you wear a posture brace for a long time... you will find yourself in bad shape when you take it off.

So, unless you plan to wear a brace for the rest of your life, you’re going to have to learn to establish good posture habits without relying on a brace.  

Now… I am not saying you should disregard your doctor’s orders.

If you are recovering from an injury and your doctor has recommended a brace to help limit mobility, you should wear the brace.  

But your doctor will likely have you stop wearing the brace ASAP so your body can move naturally again to gain strength.

A Practical Solution:

Want a permanent solution? Improve your POSTURE!

  1. Stretch your hip flexors hip flexors.

Using a couch will work just as good. Be sure to keep the stomach muscles tense while doing this and try to squeeze your butt.

    2) Get the core firing again. We will use the drawing in Maneuver. This fires a muscle called the transverse abdominis which wraps around the core and supports the spine. As this muscle becomes stronger, you will also see the belly get tighter as it pulls everything in..

    3) Sit with better posture! Try sitting at the edge of your seat with your feet back.  You will notice it is much easier to sit properly that way.  But  even in that position... Sitting Up Straight Gets Tough After A While.  Warning Shameless Plug Coming: Almost every client I have struggles with sitting up straight.  This problem was reversing a lot of the progress we were making, so I designed the Posture PT to give my clients the support they needed while sitting down. 

Thanks and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Brendan Ridings
Corrective Exercise Specialist &
Inventor Of The Posture PT

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