Athletes With Good Posture Recover Faster & Train Harder

You probably didn't know that I was a competitive Powerlifter when I was in college.  

I won the National College Power Lifting Championship twice in a row and also won the World Powerlifting Championships...setting 3 Illinois State records (440lbs bench press, 633 deadlift at 198 lbs weight class and 667 at 220 weight class) when I was in my twenties... this was a huge part of my life.  

When your lifting large weights all the time... you are constantly putting strain on your body.

The soreness that I would get after a long week of heavy lifts would be debilitating.  Like so much so that I couldn't even walk for a day or two sometimes.

I realized pretty early on that if I could recover faster... I would be able to be able get more workouts in and gain an advantage on my competition.

So I became obsessed with recovery.

I spent hours roaming the internet... sucking up all the information I could find.

I was spending so much of my free time learning about recovery that I decided to devote my life to it...I switched my major to Corrective Exercise Science.

Was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I was able to learn so much about the body and how it works.

And this is where I first discovered the power of posture...

Good posture gave me an incredible boost in my recovery times.  Which allowed me to hit the gym harder and more often.  This was a huge help in my competitive lifting days.  

I can literally say that I would not have won the college championships if I didn't sit and stand with good posture.

It also made me feel better in pretty much everything I did.

( On the other hand... I learned that bad posture had awful effects on the body.)

Since good posture helped me so much while I was competing... I knew I had to get the Posture PT into the hands of athletes that could also benefit.  

I kept messaging Lebron James on Instagram... but he never responded :(

But I did manage to convince a few smaller professional athletes (including a PGA Caddy) to use the Posture PT.

Just like the doctors... the athletes were really impressed with how well the Posture PT helped them.

So I wanted to share a few of their reviews with you.

First off is Matt Chan.  

You probably don't know Matt unless you are in the CrossFit world.  

Matt has qualified for the CrossFit Games 8 times and was named the 2nd Fittest Man In The World in 2012.  (Of course I was the First Fittest Man that year... JK)

Matt had been experiencing back pain and we had some mutual friends so I gave him a Posture PT.  Here is what he had to say:

“Most comfortable car ride I have ever had, this thing is genius!”. Matt Chan (Pictured Below)

Matt Chan CrossFit
(Matt Chan, 2nd Fittest Man In The World 2012)

Next up we have Bridget Ahlfield who is a CrossFit Regional Athlete and the Owner of Crossfit Homer Glen.  She has kind of a long quote that requires no explanation from me. Take it away Bridget.

“5 years ago I went in to repair a herniated belly button. While fixing me up they found I was herniated from my sternum to my pelvis (thanks to being pregnant with my wonderful kids).

Nothing prepares you for hard it is to move when your abdominal is completely taken out of play. After a long recovery I developed some really bad habits. I found it was easier for me to slouch then to hold my core tight.

I have been complaining to Brendan for months about how I have to physically concentrate on sitting up straight and all my long car rides are becoming unbearable. My prayers were answered and he developed the coolest little invention ever!!!

I actually don't mind sitting in the car anymore. I would find that if I sat up straight my pony tail would hit the car seat. Not a problem anymore. I love it Brendan. THANK YOU!!” Bridget Ahlfield (Pictured Below)

Crossfit Regional Athlete, Owner Crossfit Homer Glen
(Crossfit Regional Athlete, Owner Crossfit Homer Glen)

Finally we have a professional Caddy from the PGA named Bill Whitener.  Bill has to walk 18 holes (which can be a ways) carrying heavy golf clubs.  When you do this for a living you are bound to run into some back pain.  Here is what Bill had to say:

"Since becoming a Professional Caddy on the tour, carrying heavy clubs took a toll. Luckily, Posture PT helped me improve my Posture and I felt much better. The players have taken notice and are experiencing better Posture on and off the gold course!” Bill Whitener (Picture Below)

PGA Caddy Tour
(PGA Caddy Tour)

So there you have it... three pro athletes love the Posture PT because it works for them.  These athletes may not be household names, but they do put their bodies under stress as athletes and they did find the Posture PT useful.  

Hopefully by the next time I write one of these Lebron James will have finally responded :)

Brendan Ridings
Corrective Exercise Specialist &
Inventor Of The Posture PT

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