Chiropractors Put Posture PT to the Test

Posture PT

Improved posture, pain reduction, and improvement of upper crossed syndrome. Posture PT offers the benefits of the most expensive orthopedic chairs for a fraction of the price.

Today, we go behind the scenes to show you all of the development and medical science that helped create Posture PT.

The Test

A participant with on and off back pain had x rays taken in various positions with Posture PT and without.

We looked at the lumbar (lower back) spine sitting in a chair, with arms up as if the participant was typing on a computer. The results speak for themselves.


This is the participant sitting without Posture PT.

The spine is near straight. This puts extreme pressure on the spinal column and discs. The spine is meant to have a curve because it helps absorb shock and distribute force.

Externally, this person’s lower back is rounded and hunched over, working at the computer.


This is the same participant sitting with Posture PT.

You can actually see Posture PT against their back. There is significant change in the lordosis (curvature) of the spine. This is a far better position.

Curvature restores the ability to absorb shock and reduces pressure on the entire back. 


Thank you to Integrated Physical Medicine in New Lenox, IL, for taking the x rays and continuing to help refine and improve Posture PT through multi-faceted testing.

Posture PT has undergone rigorous testing and we continue to test every facet. There will be further studies and tests that we will post to show the continuous development.

Stay tuned for our cervical (neck) spine testing.

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