Better Posture For Athletic Performance

Posture is not solely about appearance or general health. When an individual exhibits good posture they also have balanced muscle synergies. 

Balanced Muscle Synergies

First, let's look at your biceps and triceps, your arm muscles.

They move the elbow joint like a lever. Now, imagine that your biceps are tight all the time and therefore keep your elbows bent to a certain degree most of the time. This leaves the triceps in a lengthened position. Not only does a muscle become weaker in a lengthened position, but that muscle has to overcome the constant force from the overactive counterpart (your biceps). In the physical therapy world, we would say they have improper length-tension relationships between the biceps and triceps and do not exhibit balanced muscle synergies. 

This imbalance places tremendous tension on the joint as well. Some of you may have experienced tennis elbow due to muscle imbalance in the arm. 

This can occur anywhere in the body.

If you have rounded shoulders, the imbalance happens between your chest and back, generally causing pain in the shoulders and reduced power production overall in the upper body.

If you have an excessively arched lower back, it's likely your hip flexors are far too over active and the glutes are weak. Try running, squatting, or doing any type of performance-based activity with this imbalance and you will under perform--and be at a much higher risk of injury.

Improved posture is the key if you want to perform better.

Try this experiment: Lay on the ground and lift one leg in the air so it is at a 90 degree bend in relation to your body. Pull your toes in until a stretch is felt in the calf and hamstring. Once the stretch is felt, tuck your chin into your chest…

Do you feel the stretch intensify? Did you think your neck would affect your calf?

Improvement in one area can improve all areas. Posture PT was designed with this principle in mind.

If you spend a decent amount of time sitting, as most Americans do, fixing your sitting posture is vital to improving athletic performance. Begin to improve your posture from the neck down and watch your whole skeletal system strengthen.  

Try Posture PT, risk-free, today. Use it 30 minutes a day for a month. If you don't notice a dramatic improvement in your posture and athletic performance, I'll personally refund your money.   

-Brendan Ridings, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

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